Abdulkarim Bakr Medical Center
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About Us

Sheikh / Abdul Kareem Bakr, God bless his soul, founder of Abdul Kareem Bakr Medical Center for dialysis.

Sheikh / Abdul Kareem Bakr, God bless his soul, founder of Abdul Kareem Bakr Medical Center for dialysis.

Abdulkarim Bakr Medical Center for Dialysis (AKBMC) is located west of Al Birr Charity Society at Alzahraa District, in the city of Jeddah. Sheikh AbdulKareem Bakr – God bless his soul – established the medical center as a non-profit center for the treatment of Renal Failure Patients, baring the expenses of fully equipping the center with both medical and non-medical equipment and materials, in line with his desire to serve society with a state-of-the-art institute to contribute in alleviating Renal Failure Patients’ suffering and sorrow. This distinctive medical center was launched and opened on the 4th of Ramadan 1428H corresponding to the 16th September 2007.

Upon entering the Center, the visitor’s first impression is marked by its distinctive design, spaciousness, and the massive sunshine lighting-up its entrance wrapping-up the whole place, topped with the warmth of the reception staff’s kindness and willingness to assist and guide… This Medical Center allocates its services to help Renal Failure Patients relieve their suffering in a comfortable and friendly environment with all necessary medical services before, during and after each Hemodialysis sessions, which Renal Failure Patients need from one to three times per week, and usually last between 3-4 hours.

Figures and statistics indicate that there are more than 43,711 Renal Failure Patients in Saudi Arabia at the moment, with an estimated annual increase of 9.7%. Therefore, AKBMC allocates its services to the care and treatment of Renal Failure Patients who need either Hemodialysis or Peritoneal-Dialysis. The Center has the privilege of having an experienced high qualified team of consultant physicians, renal disease specialists (Nephrologists), nutrition specialists (dietitians), as well as trained competent nursing staff. AKBMC is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, devices and television monitoring network, and all its medical and non-medical staff of consultants, nurses, administrators and technicians have a vast experience, each in their respective fields and work-line, which contributes to a smooth workflow, ensuring both services’ quality and patients’ comfort and satisfaction.

The Center works currently on two shifts, a morning shift and the afternoon shift. Furthermore, currently the hemodialysis therapy in the center receives approximately 89 patients and since the opening of the center the number of washing sessions has reached so far 45,980 sessions.