Abdulkarim Bakr Medical Center
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Education & Research

Along with the therapeutic services AKBMC provides, it also emphasizes on the importance of scientific and educational research. As well as the importance of patients’ data entry and provide the competent health and interested authorities with such information and data, particularly the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation.

AKBMC continuously seeks to develop its medical and nursing team, through their participation and attendance of medical conferences and symposia inside and outside the Kingdom, for their continuous and regular access to the latest scientific and medical developments and innovations in the area of Dialysis and Renal Failure patients’ care. AKBMC also organizes and holds specialized training courses and seminars, in order to preserve the principle of continuous education for its team, emphasizing on providing its patients with the highest standards of quality and the best services.

Among AKBMC achievements in this area comes the registration of patients’ statistics and preparation of specialized studies to be used as references whenever needed.

AKBMC also emphasizes on the importance of patient awareness, and puts special care on providing its patients with the required education and guidance, explaining the necessary facts in regard to Renal Diseases clearly, and every individual patient’s responsibilities and must-know about his/her condition, stating the consequences of treatment negligent and non-compliance with the instructions and recommendations of both the treating physician and dietitian.