Abdulkarim Bakr Medical Center
Phone : 02 691-1886 Fax : 02 256-7349

Other Equipment


AKBMC underground floor contains a state-of-the-art integrated infrastructure system that includes a number of units:

  • Storerooms for medical and non-medical equipment, supplies, and consumables necessary for patients’ treatments and AKBMC operation.
  • Reserve power generator.
  • Laundry room to wash and iron AKBMC covers and sheets.
  • Modern integrated fire protection/ fighting unit.

The ground floor holds the treatment area, reception area, administrative offices and clinic, as well as a waiting area at AKBMC entrance hall and another separated women waiting area for patients’ escorts and companions. In addition to a television monitoring network to follow-up AKBMC workflow and for the visitors and patients’ care when necessary.