Abdulkarim Bakr Medical Center
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Treatment Area

The treatment area consists of 21 Hemodialysis units divided into four sections, with dialyzers linked to a computer network with the latest systems and programs for data entry and patients’ monitoring, as well as monitoring devices to follow-up patient’s vital signs and heart condition before, after and during dialysis sessions.

Each individual unit is separated by curtains, and includes a dialyzer, patient’s bed/chair, electronic card monitoring device, containing all necessary information and data, in terms of each patient’s vital signs, heart and health condition and required treatment, all monitored by the consultant nephrologist and nursing staff.

Due to the long period of the treatment sessions, and in order to provide patients with ease and comfort, and to alleviate their suffering during the treatment, AKBMC has provided each treatment unit with a TV set with headphones where each patient is able to select and view programs independently from other patients. Furthermore, each unit contains a phone for those who wish to spend some time conversing. For those in need or desire of using the internet during their session, AKBMC has provided the treatment area with (Wi-Fi) service, so patients can entertain themselves, work and spend time on their personal computers or mobiles.

AKBMC treatment area also houses a pharmacy stocked with all necessary medications to be given to patients during dialysis sessions, as well as a storeroom for medical and non-medical devices used in the treatment units.