Renal failure is a serious disease that affects human health and lifestyle
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About AbdulKarim Bakr Medical Center

Abdulkarim Bakr Medical Center for Dialysis (AKBMC) is located west of Al Birr Charity Society at Alzahraa District, in the city of Jeddah. Sheikh AbdulKareem Bakr – God bless his soul – established the medical center as a non-profit center for the treatment of Renal Failure Patients, baring the expenses of fully equipping the center with both medical and non-medical equipment and materials, in line with his desire to serve society with a state-of-the-art institute to contribute in alleviating Renal Failure Patients’ suffering and sorrow. This distinctive medical center was launched and opened on the 4th of Ramadan 1428H corresponding to the 16th September 2007.

The Jewel of your body is your kidney

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Dr. Mohammed Galayeny

“Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, Who has blessed us with this method of treatment called hemodialysis. Thankfully a person can reduce his suffering by this process and still exercise a normal life. Thanks to God.”

Dr. Zakeyah Felemban

“The healthy term, to the extent that a person who attends washing which is hemodialysis feels that he is very comfortable after washing and toxins from the body. A person may not say I will wash or I will not, no, he attends it to relax.”