Awareness and research

In addition to the treatment services provided by the Abdul Karim Bakr Medical Center, it has not neglected the interest in the research, scientific and educational aspects. In addition to paying attention to writing down patient data and providing health and interested authorities with this information and data, especially the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation.

The center continues to update the information of the nursing and medical staff at the center, through their participation and attendance at medical conferences and seminars inside and outside the Kingdom, to keep them informed of the latest scientific and medical developments and innovations in the field of dialysis and care for patients with kidney failure. The center also holds specialized courses and seminars in order to maintain the principle of continuous education for the work team, in order to provide the highest quality standards and the best services to the patients of the center.

Among the center’s achievements in this field is its recording of patient statistics and preparing specialized studies in this regard for reference and benefit from when needed.
The center also emphasizes the importance of educating patients, so it pays special attention to educating and guiding them about all aspects of kidney disease in a clear and simplified manner, while introducing them to the responsibilities associated with the case of each patient separately, and clarifying the consequences of not following up on treatment accurately on time, and not adhering to instructions and recommendations. Both the attending physician and the nutritionist.