Registration processes

The management of Abdul Karim Bakr Medical Center seeks to provide distinguished treatment services for hemodialysis patients. In order for this task to be completed and crowned with success, the patient must follow the steps shown below, which are based mainly on the rules and regulations in force in the center, which aim first and foremost in the interest of the patient.

Examination of the patient

When the patient’s file is completed, he is examined clinically by the attending physician to determine whether or not he can accept dialysis at the center.

The required documents

  • A copy of a valid ID / Iqama.
  • A complete and up-to-date medical report in English certified by its source.
  • Recent analyzes of viruses HBs Ag – HCV Ab – HIV1-2 Ab
  • Recent analyzes of liver function ALT, AST, alkaline phosphatase
  • Recent chest x-rays
  • Last imaging of the heart Echocardiogram
  • All other analyzes conducted by the patient during the last period.