The facilities

treatment area

The treatment area includes 21 hemodialysis treatment units, distributed over four wings. There are also 21 hemodialysis machines, and these devices are connected to a computer network that is considered one of the most modern systems for data entry and patient monitoring, in addition to devices for monitoring vital indicators before, after and during dialysis sessions.

Each treatment unit includes a washing machine, a bed/chair for the patient, and a monitoring device with an electronic card that includes the information of each patient, in terms of following up vital signs, heart, health status, and the necessary treatment by the monitoring devices of the specialist and the nursing team.

For the length of the treatment session, and in order to provide comfort to the patient and alleviate his suffering during the treatment period, the center provides a TV set in each treatment unit so that each patient can watch the programs through headphones independently, and thus each patient can watch what suits him. There is also a private phone next to each patient so that he can communicate with whomever he wishes and spend time in conversation, in addition to the presence of a wireless Internet service (Wi-Fi) to operate the Internet on the patient’s computer for his convenience and entertainment and to benefit from the treatment time to complete his work.
The center also includes a pharmacy equipped to dispense medicines needed for patients during washing sessions, and a warehouse for medical and non-medical devices for treatment units.

Quality control

The center implements a distinguished program for quality and quality control in all areas of work in the center, especially infection control, based on constantly evolving international standards, in addition to the internal regulations and regulations that regulate this work. There are contracts with specialized companies to provide the required services, especially in combating Infection and medical waste disposal.

Water Purification

The dialysis machines use purified water, but the Abdul Karim Bakr Medical Center, in order to ensure that the water used in treatment is 100% pure and free from chemical and biological substances, and in order to control infection control and protect patients, it re-purifies the water in two stages before pumping it in dialysis machines.

In the basement, the center includes a large water purification unit in the first phase, which conforms to the latest specifications and the highest international standards in this field. This unit is connected to another purification unit on the ground floor for the second purification, in order to examine and detect chemical and biological impurities. And after ensuring that the water is pure, safe and free of any harmful substances and impurities, it is pumped into the washing machines.

Dialysis equipment sterilization unit

In order to maintain the quality and safety of the dialysis machines, and to preserve the health of the center’s patients, the dialysis machines are subjected to periodic and routine sterilization according to the instructions and instructions of the manufacturer and international medical specifications, and the water is analyzed throughout the year according to a specific schedule to avoid any problems.

devices maintenance

All the center’s devices, especially the treatment units’ devices, are subject to comprehensive periodic maintenance according to a program specified by the manufacturer, even if the devices are intact in what is called (preventive examination). In cases of minor malfunctions and damages to the devices, or in emergency cases, the center’s work team includes a qualified and experienced medical device engineer for the immediate repair of such damages, in order to avoid stopping the treatment of a patient, so that the patient is connected to a backup device until the engineer finishes his treatment. Main machine repair. As for major or intractable faults or damages, the manufacturer is contacted to assign its specialized engineer to deal with these damages and repair the devices.

other equipment

The underground floor of the Abdul Karim Bakr Medical Center includes a modern integrated infrastructure system that includes a number of units:

  • Warehouses for medical and non-medical devices, supplies, and consumables for long-term patients and the operation of the center.
  • Backup generator.
  • The center’s laundry and ironing room.
  • A modern integrated fire fighting unit.
The ground floor includes, in addition to the treatment area, the reception area, administrative offices, and the clinic. In addition to a waiting area at the center entrance for escorts, and a waiting room for women escorts. Besides