AKBMC works on a non-profit basis, and its revenues cover its operational expenditures in a manner that helps maintaining a high standard and quality of services. The following tributaries are the most important resources:

  • Charity donations to sponsor one or more Renal Failure Patient.
  • Fees paid by financially capable AKBMC beneficiaries.
  • Revenues from inalienable charity trust donations (Waqf) for the benefit of AKBMC operations.
  • Revenues from leasing some AKBMC spaces.
  • Al Birr Charity Society in Jeddah adherence to pay any deficit that may occur in AKBMC budget.

AKBMC is considered a vivid example of community service and social and health solidarity programs among citizens. An Islamic Sharia’a Fatwa was issued by Saudi Arabia Grand Mufti under No. 27/u/147 dated 09/01/1427H, stating that it is permissible for Muslims to deducted part of their ZAKAT ALMAL to be allocated to help the needy and sick, including Renal Failure patients.